Creative VIII

This week’s craft is something pretty neat you can create over a period of time for some home decor with special meaning.

I’m the type of person who will always pick something up that looks interesting, even if there’s really no purpose for it. And if you do the same you might have a collection of stones and shells from beach trips, pretty feathers or even pointless beads and cute buttons from shirts you can’t bear to throw out. Well, I’m telling there is a purpose for it!

Find an old wooden bowl, or cool container you found at a garage sale. (Maybe even a teapot if it tickles your fancy.) Now strategically place the special items you have. Start with the larger pieces and let the smaller ones fill up the gaps. Keys, dried flowers, candles (which you should not light) can all find a place. Too keep it from looking messy or crowded, put it on a shelf or table all by itself.

Now you don’t have to throw out all of those old handmade friendship bracelets, stones and trinkets.  Show ’em off and let them become a piece of art.

Here is an example of what I created with my dad over the span of ten years. It started as a wooden candle holder that began to house all the little things picked up from walks and little gifts. My dad gave it to me and I continue to add to it. There is pieces of coral, a birthday candle beads from portugal, shells, stones and pinecones. (sorry for the poor quality iPhone pic haha)


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