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Creatory VI

Here is a home-made halloween costume for my pregnant friend. It was inexpensive and really fun to make.


For an advanced desktop publishing class, we were instructed to create an identity package. I decided to do one for my mom, who is a level three Reiki master.

Reiki is a massage therapy where there is no physical contact, but rather energy transfer through your chakras. Chakras are your energy channels and each one has a purpose, and Reiki is mean to balance these channels and balance your life. It’s something that my mom has done to surgeons before they perform surgery.

I decided to do this for my mom because I thought Reiki would be a fun theme to design around, and so she can have some tools to work with to make some extra money on the side. It’s also fun to create something for someone else, and more so when they give you free reign and they appreciate it. Originally, I used all the colours of the chakras on the shape of the body, but for the purposes of the assignment I only used black and a nice deep purple.

Painting is my favourite creative outlet, and I also love making gifts. So painting for crafts is a fun, and simple way to paint. It’s a different approach because you can take things to different levels of texture, shape and medium. It’s three-dimensional and you end up with a gift that’s inexpensive and really personal.┬áSo, with creating a cute Halloween craft I will show my tips for CRAFT PAINTING.

Now you have a Halloween treat box. You can use these tips for any craft and make the best gifts.