Baby Shower Crafting



Events, such as baby showers, offer such great opportunities for decor. But, depending on your budget you might not be able to achieve the look you want. 

My best friend had her baby, as you may have seen in previous posts, and she wanted to bring a jungle theme in to match her little man’s room. We made most of the decor ourselves and I have to say I think it turned out pretty darn good. From my experience in the wedding industry, and my attempts at doing the decor for this shower, here are some tips.

1) Use decor that covers a large amount of space for as little dough. Balloons, streamers and tissue paper pompoms are a good place to start. We used tons and tons of balloons in green and blue.

2) Include everyone in your theme! Use your invitation and tell key people who you think will help. That way if anyone is bring treats they can try to fit within the theme. We made a jungle cupcake tree with large cardboard leaves on the bottom. I used green icing on my mini red velvet cupcakes with animal crackers! Our friend also brought cupcakes with the same theme with all kinds of decorations.

3) Think of what you will need, and apply the theme. We decorated a binder for a guest book and used little trunks from the dollar store for cards.

4) Use all of your creativity! We made a big three panel sign with paints and decals to really bring the theme home.



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