National Pain Awareness Week

My IPP (Independent Professional Project) is a documentary about a chronic pain condition called RSD/CRPS. My dad has had it since 2004, and although you may have never head of it, it’s estimated that 1.5 to 6 million people have it world wide.

It’s a neurological pain condition that occurs when pain resides in the nerves long after an injury should have healed. Doctors are baffled by it, and there is no cure or accurate way to test it. But that doesn’t mean that these patients are in extreme pain. An estimated 50% of cases go undiagnosed, and patients are improperly treated everyday. It had taken my dad 22 doctors to be diagnosed.

A doctor gets 9 hours of pain management education and a vet will get 17 hours. So, technically your dog would get better pain management than you would.

A good way to put this condition into perspective is the McGill Pain Index. It’s difficult to rate pain because it’s so subjective, but science has tried to rate certain conditions, injuries and surgeries out of a score of 50. Non-terminal cancer was given a 28, while RSD/CRPS was given a 42, right above the amputation of a finger.

So, for National Pain Awareness Week, I wrote a story for the school paper, went on the school’s radio station’s morning show (to be posted), and held a popcorn for pain sale in the Atrium. I wanted to make some money for my project, but more importantly I wanted to spread education through my posters and fact sheets. I had regular, caramel, sweet & salty and chocolate popcorn, all donated by M&M Convenience.

Here are some of the photos of my posters and my little sale.

And a big thanks to my sister for helping me get the popcorn ready, and Charmaine Jennings for helping me set-up and keeping me company.



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