Piercings in the Workplace

It’s no surprise if you know me that I would write a post about piercings. With internships fast approaching I’m distraught with the decision to keep my metal in my face. I’ve heard both sides of the coin.

 “people are more accepting these days than ever”


“you’ll be closing yourself off to opportunities”

The reason that I’m in school is to get a good job, and unfortunately the fact is that some people think it’s inappropriate to hire people with piercings.

So why is it so important to me? I’ve had it for so long that it just feels like my go-to accessory. It gives me confidence because I know that it’s something I like the look of, and that I did it to make myself happy. Like chopping your hair super short, even though your mom may not like it, you like it!

The tattoo/piercing culture is so vast, interesting and passionate. It’s art. Bodies are merely our vessels. We cannot choose our hair colour at birth, but we can change things up as we see fit. I only have one life in this body, why not adorn it the way I think would suit me. It’s not a new concept, and it allows people to express themselves further than clothes and makeup.

Growing up, and now, I praise rock gods. Do you think Gene Simmons gave a shit what people thought of him in his full makeup and nearly transvestite attire? Not one bit. He became a character of himself, an extension of his regular being. It’s all apart of tattoos and piercings. It’s customizing and becoming what you feel is a representation of one’s personal ideals of beauty, glamour, and imagination.

If I took all my facial jewelry out I think my face would be just a little more boring. Like an eye without mascara. Like a great outfit without killer shoes. Like someone telling me I should wear a polo.

Fashion and individuality come in all forms. There are endless options out there for what one can adorn a body with. Why the hell not add jewelry you think would look fabulous on your face shape, or extenuate a feature. Not everyone likes polos and khakis.

Despite loving piercings, I am torn. I still face the chance that someone will think it’s inappropriate for me to represent them, and that’s just the truth of the matter.

What? You don’t like Piercings? Bwaaaa?

  1. I think it’s great that you’re considering both sides of this argument. That said, I love your piercings and think they suit you so well. I might feel differently if they were the first things I noticed about you but like I said, they suit you.

    Will support you either way. Jacs.

    • thanks my love. I’m still undecided…

      btw your blog looks amazing.

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